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Astron Energy provides finished lubricants and premium base oils to commercial, consumer and industrial customers throughout South Africa. Throughout the years our focus has always been providing superior and innovative products that help deliver market-leading performance and protection.


CALTEX Lubricants

No matter how extreme the task, our premium lubricants are specifically formulated for numerous and different industrial and off-highway engine types. They are engineered to excel in the harshest conditions imaginable, delivering reliable engine protection and outstanding performance.

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Caltex Lubricants for Business



Commercial lubricants designed to take your business further

Our range of proven products are designed to meet your specific commercial needs, offering you exceptional quality, extended service protection and outstanding performance. From stop-and-go city driving to long-haul trucking operations, we have a solution that keeps your business going.

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Caltex Delo®


CALTEX Havoline®

Consumer lubricants designed to protect your investment

As motorcycle and vehicle engines become more technologically advanced and complex, it’s more important than ever to use an engine oil that’s equally advanced. Which is why we continually invest in research and innovation. Our engine oils are designed to protect your engine from harmful deposits and protect and enhance its performance, helping you protect your investment in your vehicle.

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Caltex Havoline®

Astron Energy is a licenced operator of the CaltexDelo® and Havoline® lubricants brands.

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What We Do

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