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Astron Energy has worked with the relevant authorities to successfully contain a product spill that occurred on a section of the transfer pipeline between the Milnerton Refinery and Acacia Park, earlier today. Our immediate priority was to minimize the impact of this...

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Fuelling Covid-19 Relief Efforts In Gauteng

Along with the rest of the economy, the petroleum industry has taken a serious knock from the Covid-19 crisis, but major fuel supplier, Astron Energy has still pumped well over R1m into coronavirus relief efforts in Gauteng alone. Astron Energy, hold the licence...

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Media Statement: Refinery Incident Update

Progress update following the Refinery incident of 2 July: All seven injured in the incident are out of hospital and recuperating well, three of them already back at work. We continue to provide them with the necessary support. The investigation team continues to make...

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