• The City of Cape Town recognises Astron Energy for its integrated water management efforts
  • Certification enables the private sector to reap the benefits of self-regulation

13 December 2018, The Water and Sanitation Department’s Water Star Rating Certification system promotes best practices in water management, conservation and pollution control in the business sector, government departments, education and health institutions, and residential estates.

As one of only ten companies in the Western Cape to be recognised by the department, this year Astron Energy, (formerly Chevron South Africa) was awarded a five-star certification for its efforts in integrated water management.

Participants that are awarded between two and five stars are recognized for implementing varying degrees of additional measures to manage water sources, uses, conservation and discharge.

Those who achieve five stars, such as Astron Energy, are certified as champion innovators that have found unique or extraordinary ways in which to manage water wisely, limit water pollution and thereby protect the environment.
The certification enables the private sector to reap the benefits of self-regulation, rather than government-led regulation, which in itself contributes to more sustainable water management throughout the value chain.

Long term Investments in water saving

David Banda, Facilities Manager, Astron Energy says “This certification means a lot to us and is testament that we are on the right track. As a business, Astron Energy is constantly evaluating and adopting innovative water saving initiatives. 12 years ago, the business invested in a reverse osmosis water treatment plant at the Refinery to treat effluent from the Potsdam sewage plant in order to provide water for use in the production process, freeing up potable water for 6,000 households.”

“More recently we decided to move our head offices to the modern Century Boulevard building which has also received environmental accolades,” David Banda adds.

Astron Energy’s head office is a purpose-built building, which was awarded a Four-Star Green Star rating by the Green Building Council of South Africa for Excellence in green building design, construction and management.

The building is fully fitted with water efficient fittings, including the toilet cistern tank capacity which is half that of any other conventional buildings requiring 50% less water to flush. Additionally, the water pressure to all toilet hand basins, which are fitted with water wise taps, has been reduced to a minimum.

As a result of these water-positive designs, employees in the building utilise on average less than 1.7 litres of municipal drinking water each per day.

Per month, the Century City building only consumes only between 10,000 to 15,000 litres of water.
This is less than the single household target under Level 3 water restrictions in Cape Town.


*source: http://www.capewatersolutions.co.za/2010/02/06/typical-household-water-consumption/