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Fuelling a brighter future

Astron Energy is a leading supplier of petroleum products in South Africa, with a vast network of Caltex-branded service stations that make us one of the country’s top two petroleum brands. We are strongly committed to being a responsible corporate citizen, promoting education, health and economic development in an effort to build stronger communities and drive sustainable economic growth.

We own and operate the country’s third-largest crude oil refinery in Cape Town, which has a capacity of 100,000 barrels a day, and a lubricants manufacturing plant in Durban. 

Part of South Africa’s history for over 100 years

For more than a century, we have played a significant role in South Africa’s economy and heritage since our first crude oil cargo was imported into South Africa in 1911 to help meet the country’s fuel needs.

In 1936, motorists were first introduced to the Caltex brand and the Caltex star, the result of a joint venture between former owners Standard Oil of California (later Chevron) and Texaco. 1955 saw the establishment of the Caltex Lubricant Manufacturing Plant in Durban. In 1966, we further strengthened our position as a key investor in South Africa with the construction of our refinery in Cape Town.

In 2018, Astron Energy entered the South African market through a majority acquisition of the former Chevron South Africa Pty (Ltd).

Our portfolio of market-leading products

Our Cape Town refinery produces petrol, diesel, jet fuel and liquefied gas for the Western Cape and for export to other African countries. Our lubricants manufacturing plant in Durban maintains a laboratory and blending plant.

We market our products under the Caltex brand, one of the country’s top two petroleum brands, with more than 845 service stations nationwide. These retail outlets sell transportation fuels, all containing the Techron® additive, and a range of Caltex-branded lubricants.

Caltex Havoline® and Delo® lubricants are also available throughout South Africa, through authorised distributors and at auto parts stores.

Maintaining the highest environmental & safety standards

Astron Energy is committed to the highest health, environment and safety standards and reducing our carbon footprint as much as possible.

Our 9,000 m2 Century Boulevard headquarters in Cape Town received a 5 Star Green Star rating from The Green Building Council of South Africa for excellence in green building design, construction and management.

At our Cape Town refinery, a water recycling plant produces all of the water needed in the refining process, conserving the equivalent of that used by 6,000 homes every month. At the same time, it reduces the refinery’s burden on the city’s sewage infrastructure.

Our refinery’s new multipoint ground flare system and new 100m tall flare are expected to reduce visible emissions while improving operational efficiencies.

Contributing significantly to the South African economy

According to a study conducted by Econex and Quantec Research for Astron Energy, our direct and indirect investments contributed $7.8 billion to the South African economy in 2012, which is equivalent to more than 2% of the country’s GDP (gross domestic product) when taking into account economic ripple effects.

Employment generated by Astron Energy’s business has a multiplier effect on wages, salaries and business investments. Another commissioned study by Econex reports that the refinery alone provides 500 direct jobs and 13,000 supplier and contractor jobs.

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