Astron Energy supports CASME (The Centre for the Advancement of Science and Mathematics Education) through our CSI programme. 

The centre, which changes the lives of learners through high quality and innovative maths and science education programmes, has adapted swiftly to the covid-19 crisis. The short-term supported learner programmes for Term 1 were already concluded when the lockdown began, and the CASME team is now focused on developing resources for Terms 2 and 3 for dissemination directly to learners and teachers via social and web-based platforms (particularly WhatsApp). 

CASME has also partnered with other NGOs, the Education Department, telecommunication companies and local radio stations, to find channels for the distribution of learning packets to vulnerable and “offline” families. 

For more information on CASME please click here 

Astron Energy will continue to support their social investment partners in ensuring that learning support programmes continue through the COVID-19 pandemic.